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Looking for a safe and effective vaginal bleaching cream?
Our intimate lightening cream can be used to lighten or whiten both the vagina and anus areas and even the nipples. It is important to find a product that does not contain the ingredient hydroquinone for such senstive areas because it has shown to be carcinogenic and is not gentle on the skin at all. Here at Caspah we have created the perfect cream for vaginal bleaching. Not only is it affordable, but it works very well. We encourage you to do your research and we stand behind our products 100%. Read reviews and vaginal bleach comparisons below.

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Please clean the area you would like to lighten first and then dry it thoroughly. Next, pump some cream out of the bottle and rub it into the area around the vagina that you wish to lighten. Please make sure to rub it in well enough that the skin absorbs the cream well. If you did not cover the entire area you are trying to lighten, please repeat this process until you have done it on all areas. We recommend repeating this process twice a day to get the best results. You should do it once in the morning and more importantly, once before bed time. You can do this until you have reached your desired skin tone and then stop use. If the area you are treating is going to be exposed to direct sunlight or tanning bed lights for a good amount of time, you should apply SPF 30+ sunblock on the treated area. Just make sure the lightening cream is already absorbed into the skin before applying sunblock. This will help the skin to keep from naturally getting darker from the UV rays. Do not use the cream on any area with broken skin or open wounds. Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. It is for external use only. Keep uut of eyes.

Caspah Compared To Other Top Vaginal Bleaching Creams

The chart below compares Caspah side by side with all the top anal bleaching creams in the market for you to view. The information below is public and is right from the company websites. You can read more about the effectiveness of our product by verified reviews below or click here to search Google.

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Customer Submitted Reviews

Here are some recent customer reviews that have been submitted below or on our testimonial submission page. Each is verified by orderID before we place them on the site. Please only submit if you've used Caspah before as we'll verify your orderID to ensure a legitimitate testimonial. Thank you.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Christine on July 13, 2012

Location: Iowa

Order ID: hidden

Many of us are mothers and tend to "let ourselves go" as we get carried away with our busy lives. The intimate lightening cream is amazing because it gives confidence and femininity back, and takes little time or money to invest in. After just one month I have noticed a huge improvement, and just in time for bathing suit season too! I will continue to stand by this product knowing it is safe and free from hydroquinone.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Katherine on May 8, 2012

Location: Lakewood, OH

Order ID: hidden

I have been using the intimate lightening cream for about a month now and it is amazing the difference that it has made. I am so happy that I ordered it and I will be telling others about it and ordering it again!!!

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Meghan on March 28, 2012

Location: Long Island, New York

Order ID: hidden

I've been using the intimate lightening cream for about 3 weeks and I've already started to notice a difference. This is the first time I've used this cream and I will continue to do so. I've bragged about the product to everyone from friends to coworkers to family memebers. Whether you have dark skin or lighten skin I believe this cream will lighten up any area.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Nicole on February 29, 2012

Location: Arudnel Queensland, Australia

Order ID: hidden

This product was amazing, I am very impressed with the results. I have tried other creams in the past without success but caspah actually works! I would highly recommend this product.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Laura on October 6, 2011

Location: Ventura, CA

Order ID: hidden

I am a licensed Esthetician and one of the main concerns of a majority of clients are "hyper-pigmentation" issues. I did some research and came across Caspah. So I purchasesd the intimate lightening cream to try for myself before recommending to clients. I was especially impressed with the non-hydroquinone formula. I was surprised how quickly results became visible. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with hyper-pigmentation concerns.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Marianne on July 19, 2011

Location: Laveen, AZ

Order ID: hidden

I decided to try Caspah after reading all the reviews on the web. Great cream! The claims are true, worked very well. I am 100@ satisfied and will definitely recommend to others.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Susan on January 19, 2011

Location: California

Order ID: hidden

Having kids really takes a toll on a woman's genital area. A friend recommended Caspah Intimate Lightening Cream. I ordered it and after using it for about 3 weeks, I really noticed a difference. I'm 100% percent satisfied.

Customer Rating:

Submitted By: Rebecca on December 31, 2010

Location: Alabama

Order ID: hidden

i tried the intimate lightening cream and it works 100%!!!!! i love this product and have tried others before but none can compare to caspah. thanks for a good product. five star
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